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Greetings Beavercreek Lacrosse Families and Players,

Welcome to another exciting year of Lacrosse!  We are all looking forward to a fun filled seasonin 2021-2022.

The Spring 2021 season was quite successful.  They Middle School B team showed a lot of developement, growth and grit.  The girls played extremely well and finished the Season 8-4.  The B team faced a host of other teams and players that were very similar in skill set.  The Middle School A team also had an great season finishing 12-2 and finished on a 10 game win streak,  The A team played against some of the most talented teams in the region.  The 2 losses lost were by a total of 4 goals.  The girls grew tremendously as a team showing an awesome level of competitiveness and determination throughout the season.

Our program and my coaching style is designed to teach the fundamentals of the game in a fun, exciting, and safe environment.  We place an emphasis on good sportsmanship, and good competition. We will focus on skill development and understanding of concepts.  We try to make everything as fun as possible.  My goal for this year is to keep a consistent practice structure that will focus on the player development and fundamentals yet keep it fun and finish the day with games and scrimmages.  Notice that I say FUN AND FUNDAMENTALS a lot.  This season the girls will learn offensive and defensive concepts that will help them become successful on the field and prepare out 8th graders for the transition to High School Lacrosse.


We will communicate via email or our team website, and you can expect a weekly email once games begin to outline any schedule updates.  If you wish to add or change emails, please let us know. Please always check your email if the weather is questionable before a practice. We will do our best to email you in a timely fashion if we need to cancel.  Please try and stick with email communication.  It’s hard to juggle if some people send text messages and other send emails. 


Objectives for this Season

The main objectives at this age level are:

1. That the players learn good sportsmanship.

2. That the players learn the fundamentals and concepts of the game of lacrosse.

3. That the players learn the value of teamwork and commitment.


5. Most of all that the players have FUN.


**Character building, Sportsmanship, and learning the fundamentals will be stressed throughout the season. Our main goal is to have all the players want to come back and play again next year**


The coaches are volunteers and are key to the success of our organization. Their time is valuable and should be respected.  They will teach the players the fundamentals of lacrosse, sportsmanship, and team building.  Every coaches goal is to teach the children to enjoy the game of lacrosse.  Many are busy with work, travel and family and cannot always be there for every practice or game.



ALL Lacrosse Referees ARE PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED. It is quite difficult for referees to see everything on the field, they will miss things. Whatever happens, the referees should not be verbally harassed by the players, coaches or spectators. Such harassment sets a bad example for the players. We will emphasize to our players to “CONTROL THE CONTROLABLES.”


The league places extra emphasis on sportsmanship.  I encourage every parent to review the Code of Conduct it is extremely important for coaches, parents and children to conduct themselves in a way that respects the game. 



ALL players must always wear ALL of their protective equipment.

Players are discouraged from over aggressive and dangerous play. However, sometimes the kids get overly enthusiastic and these prohibited activities will in fact happen. We as coaches and referees will do our best to avoid senseless aggression and explain to the players the rules and safety precautions that need to be followed.


We all know how families get busy, schedules fill up and at times you may encounter scheduling conflicts. However, please make every effort to bring your daughter to every game and practice.  Practice is where the kids get better games are where they showcase the skills they've learned.


Remember it's only a game

Feel free to talk to the coaches if you don't understand something. Sometimes a brief chat with a coach can avoid any potential misunderstandings, ill feelings, etc. CHEER LOUDLY for your players. They appreciate the encouragement.  Most of all remember they are only children and need you to be positive and affirming.


Players & Positions

The players will experience playing a variety of positions this year (both on offense and defense). However, there may be times when you feel that your daughter is not playing enough or is not playing a certain position enough. While these feelings are common, especially in lacrosse, please keep in mind that the coaches face many challenges.  Dealing with players whom differ in age, maturity and ability can be quite difficult.  While the main goal of the season is not winning, we still want to be competitive and not put a child in a situation that they are unprepared for or uncomfortable with and then become discouraged.


Uniforms and Equipment (please check the team website for a list of recommended equipment)                                                                                                                                                   Mouthguards and eye goggles are mandatory! Your daughter cannot play without them.  Mouthguards should be molded and should have nothing protruding from the mouth.  Also, please make sure your daughter arrives at practice with a water bottle; appropriate footwear (cleats or sneakers); warm clothes like sweats or a jacket, and gloves if it’s cold out.  Hair should be off of their faces and please adjust the goggles so that they stay on your daughter’s head.  Some parents like to cut down sticks at this level, and we recommend it for the smaller players in 3rd/4th grade.  The required length is between 35 ½ and 43 ¼ inches long, so if you’d like to cut their sticks (remove rubber stopper at the end, saw the metal shaft and then put the stopper back on) please keep it between those lengths at a size that seems comfortable for your daughter. I feel the girls need to be responsible for packing their equipment bags and make sure they have everything needed prior to a practice or game!  Please get them into the practice of getting their equipment ready the night before practice or games.  I can’t tell you how many times a player has showed up and forgot their mouth guard, goggles, cleats and EVEN THEIR STICKS!


Team Philosophy

 Have fun.

 Learn to respect, and love the game of lacrosse.

 Be a team player.

 Always display good sportsmanship, by respecting your teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials. 


Player Expectations:

Come to each practice a 10-15 minutes early, with a smile on your face, and be ready to have fun.

Make sure that you have all of your equipment packed and ready to go the night before each practice and game!!!!!

 Have a positive attitude.

 Listen to and respect your coaches and teammates.

 Always portray good sportsmanship.

 Give 100% when you are at practice or a game.

Pay Attention!  When coaches are talking players are to be quiet.

Lacrosse is a running sport!  The girls will be expected to run from station to station, and to and from water breaks.  They don’t want to get caught walking. 😊


Parents Expectations:

Please make sure your daughter is a 10-15 minutes early to practice so she is ready to start on time. Since we are limited on time. This will allow them to be ready to go once we blow the 1st whistle.

Please respect the coaches' time and pick up your daughter up on time at the end of practice.

During games, please be a respectful spectator.

During games, please sit on the opposite sideline from the team if possible.

Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns or questions; however, this is also an excellent opportunity to encourage your daughter to advocate for herself. We hope players will approach us directly with concerns or questions.


Key Items

    • Will be held @ Ankeney Middle School 4085 Shakertown Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45430
  • The 1st 3-4 weeks of practice will be BOOTCAMP style Weather permitting.  Everyday until the 1st game of the Season
  • After the 1st week of games practices will be held on Tuesdays-Thursdays 5:00pm -6:30pm
    • We will practice as long as we have day light as the season starts.
    • This time MAY be pushed back 30 minutes after spring break. 5:30pm-7:00pm
  • For those borrowing equipment please arrange for pickup prior to the 1st practice.
  • All Players will need to be in full equipment when entering the playing field.  This is a must for safety.
  • Goggles and mouthguards ARE A MUST. Please make sure to always have a spare Mouthguard packed.  I will occasionally have spare goggles to loan out.
  • Cleats, sneakers, or turf shoes are all acceptable forms of footwear during the season.
    • Hats, Gloves, Sweats, Long sleeves (for under the sweats) Leggings or Cold Gear
    • Winter coats are restrictive and could cause the girls to heat up to fast
  • Please arrive promptly for practice and be prepared to start on time.
  • Parents can attend practice but this is not required.




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